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" Set the disc format to "Audio CD," "MP3 CD" or "Data CD or DVD," depending in your preference. If you have over one i - Tunes user account, it is possible to switch forward and backward between i - Tunes accounts in your device while. When you first of all connect the i - Phone to a computer, i - Tunes will have you name the. If you happen to be adding music to your i - Pod, plug inside the USB adapter towards the i - Pod and with your USB drive. Click around the "Music" option and sync your i - Tunes music in your i - Pod by clicking "Sync. Sign into your itunes login page i - Tunes account if you are not already signed on. You must use a compatible mobile device to download i - Tunes. Before you'll be able to submit your podcast, you'll want to make sure things are properly created and done so that the RSS feed fits the i - Tunes technical specifications.